STEM as an answer to emerging economic and social challenges

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By working with children and youth activities in the area of ​​Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the CREATEskills project aimed to promote a better acquisition of science, technology, engineering and math skills in response to emerging economic and social challenges. Through practical and interactive activities and the creation of a European network of STEM teachers (Platform STEM on the WEB), a participatory learning process was developed with young people to promote their capacity building and their logical and practical thinking, making them more capable and insightful of the future.

In the final stretch of the project, after needs analysis, creation, implementation and evaluation of materials and tools produced by the partnership, it was verified:

– improving teachers’ capacities in this area;

– the production of innovative tools that make it possible to approach the STEM theme in a more attractive way, enabling young people with technical, social and individual skills that meet the challenges of today’s society;

– the establishment of a European network of teachers to set up a cooperative partnership to exchange best practice in STEM;

– strengthening the organizational capacity of schools and creating an innovative approach to addressing STEMs;

– finally, the creation of a feeling of belonging to the same European community and of sharing common values.

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