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All Materials Produced by the CREATEskills Project Have Been Tested

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The CREATEskills project coordinated by Mentortec is currently finalizing the evaluation of the resources developed during these 2 years of project, after the testing phase with the target audience – the primary school students, which took place between April and June 2019 in all partner countries, namely Portugal, Lithuania, Greece and Spain.

In general, the feedback from both primary school teachers and students was positive, with some suggestions to extend some activities, that is, to use other materials which will bring different results at the end of the activity. Therefore, the TOOLKIT – Tools to Socially Learn STEM will consist on 41 activities in the areas of natural science, social science, engineering, mathematics and robotics.

Also, the STEM on the WEB Platform is available here for teachers, students and parents to consult STEM scientific articles, studies and research or to share “Do It Yourself” documents and activities to do at home.

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