Activities & Results

Project Results

The project will develop, test and implement a methodology for STEM Education in primary schools including a Toolkit with STEM teaching materials for primary school teachers and a Web-Platform with a Virtual “Teachers Room”, Virtual Library for resources, a Photo Gallery with home activities and DIY projects for children and family.

Literature review and field research “Socially Learning STEM in Primary Education – Guidelines towards a common framework”

Solid and updated basis of knowledge about the state of play, real needs and future education related to STEM learning and the development of the 21st Century skills, at such an early age – primary level.

Socially Learning Stem In Primary Education – Guidelines Towards a Common Framework

Platform “STEM on the WEB”

“STEM on the WEB” will include 3 main features:

  • Online network for EU teachers – a “virtual teacher’s room” for sharing of materials, practices, experiences;
  • Virtual Library with relevant documents, research studies, articles and other sorts of information regarding STEM learning. Also, teachers will be able to upload/download teaching tools and materials;
  • Photo Gallery with home activities and DIY projects for children and family.

Innovative STEM Methodology – Toolkit “Tools to Socially Learn STEM”

Toolkit & Teacher’s Guide and pilot-test within 4 primary school classes in all partner countries

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